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How To Choose Event Venue In Dubai
How To Choose Event Venue In Dubai
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How To Choose The Perfect Event Venue In Dubai





From a small fishing and pearling town on the brink of a desert just decades ago, Dubai has rapidly emerged to become one of the most sought-after tourist and business destinations in the world. A melting pot of cultures, this Emirati city’s luxury shopping options, soaring skyscrapers, dynamic food landscape and avant-garde architecture, have earned it the title “City of Gold”. Always bustling with life and the next big thing, Dubai is an excellent destination for various events, ranging from birthday celebrations to large-scale business conferences.





A global hub located in the Middle East, Dubai is highly reachable for about 80% of the world’s population, hailing from other parts of the region, Europe, Asia and Africa, making it an ideal choice for your next memorable event. Also, Dubai is one of the busiest travel hubs in the world, with Dubai International Airport consistently ranking as one of the world’s top airports for international passengers.





Besides, the city has a network of well-maintained roads and a reliable public transportation system. Buses run at 30-minute intervals across the city, taxi services are government-regulated, and the Dubai Metro Red and Green lines operate across the city extensively and frequently.





From Asian to Arabic and everything in between, Dubai offers a mesmerising array of mouth-watering cuisines to whet your taste buds. The city also has a plethora of premium, standard and budget hotels offering services for all needs and budgets. Moreover, Dubai prides itself on being a trade and commerce hub for the Middle East. Its government is pro-business, providing local and international businesses with comprehensive and transparent business regulations, tax-free zones, and access to an experienced and skilled labour force. Did you know that business events hosted in Dubai are exempt from the city’s 5% value-added tax, making it a competitive spot for corporate meetings and events?





If you are looking for after-work or post-event activities and places for guests to visit in Dubai, fret not! Dynamic Dubai has your back. For instance, nested in the heart of Downtown Dubai and towering at a dizzying height of 828 metres, the Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. Symbolising Dubai's ambition and vision, visitors to this edifice can soak in breathtaking views of the city and beyond from the observation deck on the 148th floor. Moreover, the world-renowned ‘Dubai Fountain’, located on the 24-acre ‘Burj Lake’, is the world’s tallest performing fountain that comes to life with water jets that soar to heights of 140 metres and radiate light projections that are visible from space!





With well-designed infrastructure, up-and-coming after-work venues, excellent hospitality standards, an ever-developing events industry, and with English as the lingua franca, what’s there not to like about Dubai?Be it towering skyscrapers, cosy retreats, conference venues or meeting rooms, there is a space for every event, scale and budget in this city that never sleeps.





Already decided on the type and scale of event you would like to have in Dubai? Check out our user-friendly guide below on choosing the perfect event venue in this awesome city that best fits your needs!





Choosing Event Venues in Dubai





Choosing the most suitable event venue in Dubai could be challenging, given Dubai’s thriving number of hotels, restaurants, and conference venues. With such a wide variety of options to choose from, factor in various criteria before selecting your ideal event venue in Dubai.










Whether you are hosting an event for ten guests or 10,000 guests, your budget would factor in significantly when you are selecting your event venue. Every event venue is priced based on factors including but not limited to event type, event package (if any), number of attendees, event duration as well as venue location. Many venues in Dubai typically charge on a per-person basis with several food catering options at various price points. There may also be a mandatory minimum spend at specific event venues as well. Thus, before committing to a particular venue, dive deep into your pockets to see if you can afford the prices!





Event Date and Time





Once you have determined the type of event you would like to have in Dubai, as well as your budget, the next step would be to finalise the date and timing for your event. Knowing when your event will be and how long it will last is essential, as you cannot book and secure an event venue without these important bits of information. Have a list of desired event venues and make enquiries about their available dates. For example, if you are having your event during a busy season, make sure that your event date is consistent with a public holiday, as you would want as many event attendees to come as possible. Once you confirm your event date, you can then focus on selecting an event venue and on outreach efforts for marketing your event.










Apart from costs, bear in mind a particular venue’s accessibility (or lack thereof) for event participants or guests. Choosing a venue that is conveniently located is a key element that could determine the success of your event. An accessible location would most likely boost event attendance and guest experience.





Estimate the expected turnout for your event to ensure that your desired venue is manageable for the event. A venue that is too small could diminish the overall guest experience and comfort during your event. Conversely, a space that is too large could lead to participants getting scattered all over the place, creating an awkward atmosphere during your event.





Consider if a venue has the requisite audio/visual equipment for your event or if you would have to pay extra for more. The venue’s layout should also be appropriate for your event, with seating arrangements suitable for your target audience.










Regardless of the kind of event you are hosting, the quality of food and drink options during your event will leave an indelible impression on event participants. Fortunately, cosmopolitan Dubai has food menus that can cater to all kinds of tastes. Consider arranging for a food-tasting session before your event to gauge the quality and service of the food caterer in question.










Dubai has notoriously hot summers, with winter months providing a much-needed respite to its inhabitants. Many outdoor events in Dubai occur during the winter months, from November to March. Furthermore, winter is regarded as a peak season for most of the events, private as well as corporate. Hence, note that venue and room rates can escalate during Dubai’s winter season, with some of these venues booked way in advance. If you are planning your event in Dubai during the winter season, ensure that you book your ideal venue months beforehand.


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